"As Chief of Staff, you [fix] it before they even see it."

Rhonda Foxx, Chief to North Carolina Congresswoman Alma Adams

... Drive forward with additional high-value initiatives."

“Hiring a Chief of Staff and getting back a few precious hours per week will enable you to.. (Forbes.com, February 2019)

"CEO productivity rises by 20–50% ...

... enabling the CEO to focus on where they can add the most value."  (The Founders Coach, July 2019)

...double - or even triple - the boss’s capacity and productivity."

"A good Chief of Staff should... (Entrepreneur.com, December 2018) 

Important tasks falling through the cracks? You need a CoS!

An indicator that an organization is struggling is that open action items are not tracked and reviewed.  (Managementhelp.org)

"To help make and execute great decisions, the CoS...

 ...serves as analyst and decision-framer on one hand and project manager and coach on the other." Tyler Paris, Author